Kallena Kucers @ New North Editions

Kallena Kucers - Flight

Thursday, 5 August 2010

Dear Diary,

New North Editions is about to unveil a new exhibition by photographic artist Kallena Kucers.

Kallena’s works have featured in a number of group and prize exhibitions throughout Australia and internationally. However, this is Kallena’s first solo exhibition at the New North Editions.

Kallena’s images are beautifully crafted and visually complex. However, they deal with the important subject of traumatic childhood experiences.

Kallena Kucers says of her photography: “All this work is very centrally grounded in the overall concept of child abuse – from personal experience, and from later academic study and professional practice.”

Kallena Kucers - Tension

“The work comes directly from my feelings, emotions, and experiences that I remember and draw on to attempt to convey a sense of what they may be like.”

Many photographs feature limbs and body parts, appearing, ghost-like, from the background of the pictures. “This is a reflection of an emotional state, a partial disassociation,” explains the photographer.

However, each image is imbued with a glimmer of hope: “A child, who has been abused, no matter how severely, always has hope for a better life. The most essential thing to achieve is to find an environment where they can be safe from further abuse,” says the artist.

Kallena concludes: “I very much hope that my work will help to educate many. These experiences are caused by the direct result of abuse; they are most definitely not alone, and there is, usually, a way out.”

Kallena Kucers - Substance

The exhibition opens  at the New North Editions, Fairfield, on Friday, 13 August, at 6pm, and will run until Saturday, 4 September 2010.

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August 2010


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