NOTFair 2010

NOTFair 2010 013Sunday, 8 August 2010

It had to happen eventually, but the Melbourne Art Fair finally has its own satellite event, called NOTFair. The event has been organised and curated by arts writer Ashley Crawford and artists Sam Leach and Tony Lloyd on the following premise. The triumvirate had written to the leading public gallery directors, curators, and academics and requested their opinion on the artists, who were “under-represented” either on the commercial scene, exhibition circuit, or in the media. In other, vernacularly Australian, words, the artist that deserve ‘a fair go’.

NOTFair 2010 080The main difference, therefore, lies in the fact that there are no stands and no gallery presentations. NOTFair took place in a Richmond warehouse, which is shortly to be resurrected as the new home of Block Projects.

Furthermore, unlike the Art Fair, the entry to the fair was free, as was the opening event, which, as the result, was exceptionally well attended and the venue was filled beyond its capacity.

The fair took shape of a large group exhibition, where painting, sculpture, works on paper, photographs, and multi-media works abutted each other. As the result, it was a very dynamic, not to mention a very colourful, heterogeneous display by predominantly younger artists. All artworks were for sale, and I assume that the sales commission is to underwrite the ongoing costs of this event.

NOTFair 2010 079The quality of the works on display, not surprisingly, was well above average, and I would like to point out especially the number of superb drawings in the exhibition, which is the evidence of fresh, professional talent rising through the ranks of emerging Australian artists.

Of personal favourites, for a variety of reasons, I would single out superb paintings by Stephan Balleux and rich, glossy creations by Andre Piquet; large-scale landscape paintings by Shannon Smiley and nocturnes by Camilla Tadich (works from the same series featured in the recent Bushfire exhibition at TarraWarra Museum of Art); surreal, mysterious, and evocative photographic works by Murray McKeich, and a reflective, meditative video work by Brielle Hansen.

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August 2010


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