New Concept – Artwork of the Day…

Dear Friends,

Apologies for having abandoned you for several months. My passion – nay obsession – with art has not stopped for a second, but between my studies, work, and daydreaming, I seem hardly any time left for Arts Diary 365. And yet I continue seeing and experiencing art every day – if not every minute of the day – at the galleries, on the streets, at homes and offices of my friends and clients, chez moi, and of course, online. So I trust you might enjoy this new concept of a person who is time poor yet still completely and utterly besotted with art: Artwork of the Day [and let’s see how long this will last…]. So…

Tony McGillick

Day 296: Acid Rock, by Tony McGillick

This work comes from an outstanding little auction taking place on Tuesday, 23 October 2012, at Mossgreen. While we all know the name of the vendor, we are not allowed to reveal it, but it would suffice to say that he is easily one of the most outstanding – and shall we say one of the most adventurous as far as the focus and scope of his collections are concerned – art collectors in Melbourne. Collections like these ought to be seen more often to set an example and inspire other aspiring collectors to follow suit. But privately we shall express regret that for reasons unknown to us this fine collection is being gradually dispersed.

The author of this work, Tony McGillick (1941-1992), was a pivotal figure in Australian abstract art movement during the 1960s and 1970s, and one of Australia’s foremost representatives of Hard Edge and Colour Field aesthetic movements. Acid Rock (1969) displays the artist’s bold rejection of figurative art traditions, textural complexities of abstract expressionism, and even conformity to the hitherto restrictive shapes of two-dimensional artworks. Instead, he is embracing daring geometrical shapes, expanses of plain colour, and bold experimentations with the new emergent medium of his era – acrylic paints. The inclusion of his works in the ground-breaking Field exhibition at the newly-inaugurated Sir Roy Ground’s National Gallery of Victoria building in St Kilda Road attested to the appreciation of his innovative art among his peers and the curatorial community.

McGillick’s Acid Rock fits comfortably within the collection among his contemporaries, such as Syd Ball, Gunther Christmas, and Ti Parks. The auction also includes representative works by Rosalie Gascoigne, Phillip Wolfhagen, Dale Frank, Gareth Sansom, Dale Hickey, Thornton Walker, Marie Hagerty, Simon Strong, Rhys Lee, Charlie Sheard, Lenton Parr, Lesley Dumbrell, Andriane Strampp, and others.

Auction Link: http://mossgreen.com.au/auctions/past.asp?idExhibition=1209122

[© Eugene Barilo von Reisberg 2012; where applicable, images are courtesy of the artists and their galleries.]

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October 2012


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