Day 298: Incident at Twickenham and Twickenham Official, by Simon Perry.

Simon Perry 2012a


Simon Perry 2012b


Day 298: Incident at Twickenham and Twickenham Official, by Simon Perry.

Hitherto, we are used to painters employing photography as their reference tool. Simon Perry’s Incident at Twickenham and Twickenham Official (2012) are a rare example of a sculptor turning to photography as a reference source, re-instating the three-dimensionality of a photographic image in the process.

Simon Perry, who is perhaps best known to Melburnians through his Public Purse sculpture in the Bourke Street Mall, was inspired by a photograph of an Australian streaker disrupting a rugby match at Twickenham in 1974. The swirling and twirling group of the streaker surrounded by Bobbies recreate the hustle and bustle of the ensuing pandemonium. The pendant sculpture of an official rushing along with a coat to cover the nakedness of the streaker completes the composition. By mounting the sculpted group on a motorised revolving platform that moves back and forth along the wall, Perry is forever frustrating the efforts of the portly Twickenham official to restore decorum to the scene.

Simon Perry’s sculpture is among the finalist of the Basil Sellers Art Prize 2012, which also includes a diverse selection of works by such artists as Brook Andrew, Richard Bell, Eugenio Carchesio, Greg Creek, Louise Hearman, and numerous others, on view at the Ian Potter Museum of Art, the University of Melbourne, until November 4.



[© Eugene Barilo von Reisberg 2012; where applicable, images are courtesy of the artists and their galleries.]

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