Group Exhibition @ Niagara Galleries

David Keeling - Memorial DriveWednesday, 4 August 2010

Dear Diary,

[Group Exhibitions – June/August 2010 – cont. from previous entry]

PPS: These group shows also reminded me of a recent sculpture exhibition at the Niagara Galleries, Can’t See the Wood for the Trees. The exhibition profiled the versatility of Niagara’s artists, who, apart from Robert Bridgewater, are predominantly associated with two- rather than three-dimensional artworks. While Bridgewater’s imposing, large-scale Midnight Special [$44,000] dominated the space (though I still prefer his earlier, finely chiselled works), the exhibition also included works by Angela Brennan, Jenny Christmann, Belinda Fox, Wolpa Wanambi, and Rick Amor, whose sculpture was recently profiled at a one-man-show at the McClelland Gallery [price range: $11,000-$13,200 for smaller-scale editioned bronzes]. The biggest surprise of the exhibition was reserved for a large work by David Keeling, which consisted of a row of white-washed trees. Numerous branches ended in finely-painted landscape miniatures, which are well-suited for the artist’s precise and meticulous style of painting. The dark subtext of the sculpture – as well as the meaning of the title, Memorial Drive – becomes apparent upon realisation that each miniature is shaped like a car mirror. The sculpture is a most imaginative and serene tribute to road fatalities; each miniature relates to the scenes of the accidents [$15,000].

Matt Calvert @ Werribee, 2005Having experienced a road fatality in my own family, I have not been moved so much by a work of art on this tragic subject since stumbling upon a sculpture by Matt Calvert at the Helen Lempriere Sculpture Award, Werribee Park, in 2005, which was composed of broken break-, indicator-, and headlights…

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August 2010


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